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Art Portraits - two British watercolour artists

Graham Singleton Reed is an award winning Botanical Illustrator and watercolour artist. His beautifully detailed Botanical Illustrations have been exhibited at the prestigious R.H.S. exhibition of Botanical Art, where, in February 2008, his series of watercolour paintings "Wild Orchids of Kent" won a coveted Silver-Gilt Grenfell RHS Medal. Gill Blower is a watercolour artist and portrait artist who paints to commission, and occasionally exhibits her art work.

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Our location near the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire is slightly inaccessible for some. Gill lives in a village on the outskirts of Derbyshire's Peak District. Graham and his family have been on the move a lot recently, between Dronfield, near the Peak District, and Kent - and he's often in Latvia (and other countries) working on voluntary projects with children through CrossBow Ministries. He donates the entire profits his artist's greetings cards to support the work of CrossBow Ministries. Gill donates all the profits from sales of her artist's greetings cards to support her work on web design projects for various non-profit groups.

The Art Portraits online art gallery is an opportunity for you to view art works of Gill Blower and Graham Singleton Reed, buy special cards or artworks as gifts from our online art shop or discover more about the artists. The selection displayed here includes quality watercolour paintings, botanical illustrations, portraits, drawings and sketches - all of them available as quality greetings cards, which we can personalise if you choose. Some original works and a selection of prints are available for sale too.

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Art Portraits can help you to commission a painting or portrait even if you have never done such a thing before. It's not as scary as it sounds! Commissioned portraits or paintings are a wonderful way to celebrate a new baby, retirement or another special event. For a wedding gift with panache, why not commission an original watercolour painting of your best friend's honeymoon location! Pet owners love to receive Pet Portraits (drawn or painted from photographs) even without the excuse of a special occasion! You can also use our cards to start your own business, to retail (they're great for garden centres!) or for fundraising for certain charities - we make it extremely easy, and you get a 100 percent mark-up. Just click on the 'Trade' link . . . we look forward to hearing from you!